Journal Editor, 2023-

Human Organization

The Journal of the Society
for Applied Anthropology

FREQUENCY | Four Issues Annually

The Journal

Human Organization is the journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology and the leading peer reviewed outlet for scholarship in the applied social sciences. The journal advances SfAA’s mission through publishing articles that advance, synthesize, and interpret the application of anthropological method and theory to the analysis and solution of practical problems in the contemporary world. Human Organization publishes articles dealing with all areas of applied social science. In addition to those reporting on original research, the journal publishes articles detailing innovative methodological and engaged research practices.



Editorial Assistants:
Deven Gray & Laura Kihlstrom

Current Editorial (2022)

Incoming Editors (2023)
Lenore Manderson and Lisa J Hardy​​​​​​

Nancy Romero-Daza
& David Himmelgreen​​​​​​

Editorial Board
Roberta Baer, University of South Florida
Katherine E. Browne, Colorado State University
Ruth Gomberg-Munoz, Loyola University
Shao-hua Liu, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Sarah M. Lyon, University of Kentucky
John Mazzeo, Depaul University
Francisco J. Ullán De La Rosa, University of Alicante, Spain

Editorial Assistant:s
Deven Gray & Laura Kihlstrom

Production Editor
Melissa Cope, Society for Applied Anthropology, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Editorial Assistant:s
Lori Buckwalter, Society for Applied Anthropology, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma