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Blue Sky

an Earth, Itself event | 2019

Agility and the Possible in a Warming World

Blue Sky: Agility and the Possible in a Warming World will be held from April 10-12, 2019,  and will bring together art and science perspectives on imagined futures and science imaginaries as responses to global warming.

We face an urgent problem of global warming, with interrelated problems of continued population expansion, high levels of consumption of non-renewal materials, and finite resources on Earth. In his later years, physicist Stephen Hawking argued for continued space research, to build on past progress and look to the moon, Mars, and beyond. While ideas of exploring the resources and moving to other planets are fanciful, the proposition has serious ethical, fiscal, and scientific policy and program implications for scientific research, the roles of artists and scientists, and the practical responsibilities and pragmatic actions we have to Earth.

Keynote lectures and scholarly panels will consider bio- and geo-engineering, global governance and local action, contributions from the planetary sciences, and the alternative pathways we might take. There will be film screenings, an exhibition at the JCB Library, a poster and flash lecture competition, and a visual arts program.

April, 2019

Brown University
Providence, RI
United States of America

The schedule has not yet been announced.
Stay tuned.